Top 5 Accessories for Protecting Your Car’s BodyMay 29, 2023

The amount of love and care that you give to your car’s paintwork and overall body, is what will ensure that the car stays in a good condition for years. Getting ahead of issues like rust damage or chipping that exposes the metal body is a must because if you don’t do this, it can quickly get out of hand with the initial small issue becoming a huge problem that can lead to expensive or even irreparable damage. 

Taking the time and spending some money protecting your car’s body is a worthwhile investment that will go a long way towards giving your car a longer lifespan. To get you started with protecting the bodywork of your car, you can use our helpful 5-point list of must-have accessories. You can also use our list as inspiration if you are looking for someone else to do the work on your car for you. And if you ever need advice or help, you can always contact Protect a Car

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Must-Have Accessories 

Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

This is without a doubt the best way to protect your car’s paintwork from being scratched and it should ideally be added immediately after buying a new car or after having the paintwork touched up or completely reworked. By doing this you will increase the longevity of your paintwork and the paint will always look good as new. 

Car Covers

If you are not keen on the idea of covering your car in a protective film, you can instead opt for a car cover. When your car is parked somewhere, you can cover it to protect it from the elements. This is an especially important accessory if you are living at the coast or in a really rainy place. You get indoor, outdoor and waterproof covers. Always invest in the highest quality waterproof cover if you are using it outside. 

Mud Flaps 

Taking your car on dirt roads means having to constantly clean the underside, especially when things get muddy. Mud flaps are used along with the vehicle’s fender and they can also be used to prevent the mud from being kicked up by the tires and spraying on other cars and even pedestrians. Having a mud flap is ideal for anyone living on a farm road. 

Door Edge Guards

Door Edge Guards are excellent for protecting door edges from being scratched or dented. The door edges, especially on cars that are not all that hard, tend to be easily damaged so having a guard on cars like this is a must. These guards come in various colours and are made in a variety of different materials. 

Fender Flares 

A fender flare is perfect for giving wheels and tires additional protection. The fender will be attached to the car’s body, above the wheel and will prevent the vehicle’s wheels from being bumped by anything. This will also protect the body of the car because it will stop anything that could have bumped the wheel from scratching and denting the body work of the car.