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Fiber Protection

Fiber Protection How it works

Fiber Protector®, the most technically advanced and effective fiber protection system available to date, is specifically designed to help keep fibers (leather and fabric from your seats and carpets inside the vehicle) clean and stain free.

This treatment will significantly increase and also maintain the original appearance of your car’s interior and extend the service life span of the seats.

During application, the protective liquid is sprayed inside the vehicle interior, at different, specified angles, to effectively cover woven fabrics and patterns from every side, which results in creating a tight seal, preventing spilled liquids from seeping into the seats and carpets, which will stain and also cause bad odours if left untreated.

Full Application
Imported from Norway
Specific Procedures
Trained Applicators
Warranty Included


  • Reduces the damaging effects of UV Radiation,
  • Static Electricity and other abrasions that could fade and even fray interior fabrics
  • Bacteriostatic – Prevents bad odours
  • No chemicals needed to clean seats & carpets again
  • Improves the value of your second-hand car