The 5 Best Sound Systems in South Africa Right NowOctober 17, 2022

Listening to music, a podcast or even a book while driving is such a simple pleasure that can bring so much enjoyment and yet when you are using a subpar sound system, the entire experience can be tainted, even frustrating.

If you are going to jack up your car and really make it your own, one of the best places to start with your reinvention is the sound system, and boy does South Africa have a wide range of exceptional sound systems on the market right now.

Available from some of the very best sound system companies and designed to give you deep, clear sound, a sound system can completely change the way in which you experience your vehicle. It could even make you want to spend a little more time in your car, just jamming away.

The price of sound systems is based on not only the company you are buying it from but it can also be determined by the features that it comes with and the other little things that will make it special.

At Protect-a-Car we offer our clients a full range of vehicle related services, including the installation of sound systems. In this blog we are going to guide you through the list of sound systems that currently have the industry talking.

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  1. Pioneer MXT-S216BT Media Player with Bluetooth & 6″ Speaker Combo

This combo system is so much more than just something to blare tunes on. As a combo, this system will also allow you to enjoy hands free calling, as well as audio streaming, giving you more music options than a USB drive or the good old radio.

  1. Targa TG-SKA2000 10″ Twin Subwoofer & Amplifier Kit

This system is the perfect addition to existing sound set ups and it is definitely a great buy if you are aiming for a quality upgrade that won’t cost you a small fortune.

  1. Sony Car Audio Kit

A great all in one option, this kit comes with a component speaker system, a subwoofer, and a channel stereo amplifier. The Song Car Audio Kit gets pretty rave reviews about the sound quality that it is able to produce as well as its general handling of sound.

  1. Alpine SBG-30KIT 12″ Subwoofer Combo Kit

Alpine is a reputable brand and this combo kit is ideal for someone wanting an all in one deal capable of generating amazing levels of bass. The combo also includes a high quality wiring kit.

  1. Starsound Car Audio Combo Kit

With a DVD player, a channel amplifier, spectrum series, dome tweeter, and a gauge wiring kit, this audio combo setup probably has everything you want and also everything you didn’t know you wanted from a sound system.

If you are looking for a completely new sound system or if you are just looking for an addition to your existing setup, you can get in touch with our team today to discuss your options.