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About Us

We are a Fitment Center specialising in a
wide range of Premium Vehicle Protection
Products & Services.

Talk to us

We value every interaction with
our customers, please feel free to send
us your queries or questions!


We fit and supply multiple Vehicle
Accessories including Nudge Bars, Tow
Bars, Side Steps etc.


Our Rubber bay is equipped and ready to
strip/prep/spray/respray in either Standard
or Heavy Duty thickness.

Roll Top Covers

Roll Top Covers are available in black or
silver, manual or automatic and you can
6 add additional extras.


Fiber, Stainless, Toolbox & many styles to
choose from, can also be Colour Coded and
extras can be fitted.

Safety & Security Film

Safety & Security Film in different shades, as
well as thickness, including Clear, 20%,
35%, 50% and up to 200 Micron.

Windscreen Film

In addition to Safety Film on your windows,
you need to have Windscreen Film
to protect from UV & IR Rays.


Our Self-Healing Paint Protection Film is
Precision Cut and applied to protect the
vehicle’s paintwork.


Our Gold Valet includes washing of Interior,
Exterior, Engine, Chassis, Aircon Fogger and
Air Freshener.


Paint Protection Polish removes any
industrial fallout and creates a barrier
against damaging environmental effects.

Vinyl Wrapping

We do Supreme Vinyl Wraps & Vinyl Decals
or Vehicle branding, with many colors and
textures to choose from.


We are a Certified Mix Telematics Fitment
Center, where we can offer Beame as well
as Matrix Fitments with different packages.

Fiber Protection

Using the best Fiber Protector, imported
from Norway, we spray the interior seats &
carpets to protect leather and fabric.


We Fit & Supply Vehicle Electronics
including Radios, Cruise Control, Reverse
Cams, Nav Systems and more.

4 x 4 Accessories

Our preferred supplier for Bull Bars, Tow Bars, Side Steps, Rails, Winches, Snorkels, Underbody Protection, Suspension Kits and more.

Welcome to Protect a Car!

We have Branches located in 5 different locations in South Africa with Qualified
Teams ready to assist & supply you with Premium Vehicle Protection!

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We have good and longstanding relationships with our suppliers, which enables us to provide our services at the best costs and quickest turnaround times. We use high quality products to ensure premium services are delivered to our customers. Many of our products are imported from overseas and are the best in the market. Our fitters and technicians are highly trained and qualified, and they are constantly updating their knowledge and growing their experience.

We are also a certified Matrix Fitment Center, which means you can make a booking with us to have official Beame & Matrix fitments done, via our Call Center, where we assist with all admin and paperwork for contracts, including Voice Logging and Technical Support.

Our range of services includes Fiber Protector, Safety & Security Film (Smash & Grab), Headlight Protection, Paint Protection Polish, Valets, Paint Protection Film (PPF), Rubberising, 4×4 Accessories that include Nudge bars, Sports bars, Side steps etc., Roll-top Covers, Canopies, Vinyl Wrapping, Electronics like Radios, Cruise Control, PDC’s and much more.

Our friendly staff will always assist as best possible, and we offer FREE quotations within 24 hours and we will always fit your booking in as soon as possible. When you drop your vehicle at Protec-A-Car premises on the day of fitment, we can arrange for a driver to drop you off at the mall or another location that will suit you (within a 5km radius of the fitment center). We will keep you updated on how fitment is going and what the estimated time of completion will be.

Many of our fitments include a written and signed warranty, to give you peace of mind regarding our capable fitment. If anything were to happen within warranty, please contact us and bring the warranty receipt with and we will gladly assist you!